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Chapter 7: Limelight | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)


June 23 2019

1 - Return to Yagami Detective Agency

"So Chairman Kajihira has suspicions about AD-9 beyond the land buyout. But that's for Hoshino-kun to look into. I've gotta crash."

Go back to the office and rest.

2 - Meet Hoshino

"Six months back, the ADDC's vice director, Hashiki, was murdered. Does Hoshino-kun know anything yet?"

Go to Genda Law Office, talk to Hoshino and go outside to fight some more.

Head to L'Amant

3 - Find Ayabe's Replacement

Talk to the girl at the bar.

It's Mafuyu in disguise.

Then talk to Kaito twice to investigate the documents.

4 - Go to the Hashiki Murder Crime Scene

"I should check out where they found Hashiki's body, near a spot called Queen Rouge on Pink Street."

Go to the murder scene in the alley.
After the cutscene, head to Queen Rouge.

"Who can I ask that would know where to find a killer dessert in Kamurocho?"
Ask Tsukumo.
Pick "Open" to narrow it down.

Go to the red circle on the map, go to the man in the green work clothes to start the cutscene.
Defeat the Yakuza

Go to Genda Law Office and bribe Saori.
But Genda wants to talk first.

5 - Buy a Dress

"I wasn't expecting Hoshino to be so into this. Well, I better pick up a dress suitable for a hostess."

Go to "Le Marche" and talk to the salesperson.
Pick a cute outfit.

6 - Head to Cherry

Go to the hair salon.

Tart her up and go as her to the Queen Rouge.

In the room with the girl, say "Hashiki"

Correct answers when with the guy:
"Give Mika a Sign"
"Get close to him"


Playing as Yagami again, pick up the phone.
Kaito will call after walking around a bit.

7 - Head to Public Park 3

"What did Kaito-san mean when he said he had a job for me?"

Go to the park and after the cutscene, head to Suppon Street.
There you enter Active Search Mode.

Look at the Baseball Bat

Look at the card lying on the floor. You have to do that twice (with and without crates)

Stop investigation

Buy a "Bento" at Poppo and deliver it to Kaito.

8  - Investigate Yakumaru Loans

Go to the red circle on the map

Enter the building, go to the third floor and talk to Kamaguchi.
He'll give you the address of the Ushimata Family Office
Head there and talk to the Suspicious Man.
After the cutscene, defeat the Yakuza.

9 - Head to Theater Square

Go to Theater Square.
Fight the group.

Return to Yagami Detective Agency.

Kuroiwa is waiting for you.

10 - Head to Tender

Go to Bar Tender and talk to the girls.

Then walk back to the Genda Law Office.
After the cutscene, go rest at Yagami Detective Agency.

11 - Take a Taxi to the Prosecutor's Office

Next morning, take a taxi to the Prosecutor's Office.

At the interrogation, answer
1.  Toru Hashiki
2. Yoji Shono

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