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Chapter 6: Collusion | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)


June 23 2019

1 - Talk to the Receptionist

"I'm a material witness? Does Kuroiwa seriously suspect me? Kido wants me out, but can I still get to Shono?"

After talking to the Receptionist, check the Directory.

Check out the Research Wing

Change the map with R1 / L1 and look at the area where the Security is.

Stop the investigation

2 - Follow Hashimoto

"Hashimoto-san is on Shono's research staff. Good to see some diversity in the workforce."

Follow her into the lab and talk to Shono.
Ask him about the murders.

Who talked about the Minister of Health?
Ayame is the answer.

Meet Kaito at the spot on the map. You'll end up at Tender.

3 - Check in on Kaito

"I wonder how Kaito-san is doing on this whole security guard thing? Adachi's company address is on his business card in my case file."

Go into Case Files -> Side Case -> Evidence
Check Adachi's Business Card.

Go to Tenkaichi Alley to meet Kaito.

4 - Gather Intel on Adachi Estates

"Looks like I need to look into these rumors about Adachi Estates. I should check out Tender and the city's gathering spots."

Go to tender and to gathering spots (green flags) to find out more.
I did visit Kamaguchi, the friend who wanted me to fight the big purple "threats" around town.

He's on the third floor of this building:

Head to Adachi Estates now and talk to Kaito.

Now go over to investigate Adachi at Kanrai restaurant.

In the restaurant, switch to Stakeout Style.
Now you can go over and look at Adachi to evesdrop.
Defeat Kaito.
Defeat the thugs.

Pick up the call from Sugiura.

5 - Head to Koi Bride to meet Sugiura

"Sugiura works quick. I'll head to Koi Bride to get the details on Kajihira."

Head to Koi Bride and talk to Sugiura.

Then go to Genda Law Office and talk to Mafuyu, talk to the Newbe Lawyer.
After, pick up the call from Sugiura and go to Theater Square.

Fight the thugs to save Mafuyu.
Talk to her.

6 - Head to Honmuaren

"Those Kyorei guys who tried to kidnap Mafuyu went to a cabaret club called Honmaruen. I've got you now."

Go over to Honmuaren and fight.

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