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Chapter 5: Days Gone By | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)


June 22 2019

The chapter starts with an Active Search Mode in the Office.
"Investigate Shintani's corpse"

Investigate his head

Investigate the area around the tie

Investigate the body

Stop Investigation

1 - Report to Genda

"Shintani was murdered, probably by the Mole. The question is why, through. This'll be hard to tell Genda-sensei..."

Go Genda Law Office and talk to Genda.
You can now rest in Genda Law Office (you get a key)

The newby wants to talk to you. Show him what Shintani was going before he died.
Show him Shintani's Phone Log

After the conversation, rest on the sofa.

2 - Head to Charles Arkade

"Shintani's last call was to the Advanced Drug Development Center. But why? I'll meet Hoshino-kun at Charles and get started on the answer."

Leave the office and rescue the old man first.
Pick up the Mugwort behind the fence for him.
Defeat the gang.

After the conversation, head to Charles

3 - Head to the ADDC

"Why did Shintani call them? I'll have to go there myself to find the answer."

Leave the arcade and go to the taxi.

At the ADDC go to the Reception Desk, then follow Terasawa.

Inside the room, you enter Active Search Mode.
Investigate the bed
Investigate the Window
Investigate the Entrance

Stop Investigation, exit the room.

After the conversation, follow Terasawa again.

In the garage, talk to Shintani and talk to Terasawa.

Terasawa will take you back to the room, talk to her, say you're finished and you start another conversation with her.

At the Genda Office, walk around a bit until you're able to talk to Genda again.
Here you have to show him a piece of evidence.
Show him "Victim's Body Fluids"

Chase the mysterious person and fight the thugs

At trial, show Waku's Hospital Room: Hallway.

"Shono-san lied" is the correct answer in the next conversation.

After a long cutscene, you're back in the present.

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