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Chapter 4: Skeletons in the Closet | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)


June 22 2019

1 - Meet with Higashi

"The Kyorei Clan is bound to retaliate against the Matsugane Family. This could erupt into a full-scale war. I should hit the streets to find out more."

As you leave your office, you get a call and your objective changes.
Now, go to Genda Law Office.

Unexpectedly you'll be caught up into a theft investigation as soon as you arrive.
After the dialogue, search the crime scene in Active Search mode to find:

Search the fridge

Search the sink

The trial starts.

Proof that Mafuyu didn't eat the cake: The Empty Trash Can

Object to Mafuyu and point to Saori's Milk Carton

Next, point to the Notice of Power Outage

Conclusion: Nobody ate the cake.

Genda-sensei will arrive and confirm.

Now it's time to finally meet Higashi in the Arcade (Charles).

2 - Head to the Beef Zone

"How dare they take Kim-san hostage just to get to me!? I've literally got an office, guys. I've gotta hurry to Beef Zone on Nakamichi Street!"

Go to the Beef Zone Restaurant and fight the big guy.

Warn Shintani and go to Genda Law Office.
Shintani is not here but Genda will give you a job.
"The Circle of Law"

3 - Search for Azusa Otaki

"Genda-sensei's client is shopping for clothes. She's probably wherever they sell fashionable stuff."

Go to the "Le March" shop at the southern border of the map.
Fight the man in the white jacket.
You'll get a new suit for free.

Now search for Karin. Talk to the woman in front of the shop.

4 - Head to Nakamichi Street

"Karin-chan headed toward Nakamichi Street. I need to go there and find Karin-chan."

Go to Nakamichi Street.
You'll find her standing in the street.

Talk to her. Then return to Genda Law Office.

5 - Head to the Love Hotel

"If Oikawa really duped this poor woman, I have to find the evidence. The sign in this picture says "Luna Blue Hotel."

Go to the read circle on the map and search for the "Luna Blue Hotel" and examine the board with the blue arrow.

Defeat the thug.

The receptionist will show you some video footage.

Select the third photo with R1. Investigate the woman's face.

The thug is coming again and smashing the laptop.

Cutscene back in the Law Office.

If you need proof how Karin really feels, pick the torn up ticket.

The receptionist from the Love Hotel is coming and selling me the footage for 100'000.
I bought it and show it to the lawyer.

In the meantime, Shintani came back and you can talk to him.

Leave the office and pickup the call from Kaito.

6 - Head to Tender

"Kaito-san is working on getting what Ayabe knows. I'll meet them at Tender."

Go to Bar Tender. The conversation starts when you enter.

Choose following questions:
How's Kamurocho been lately?
Why did the Kyorei Clan come to Kamurocho?
What's happening in the Matsugane Family right now?

7 - Head to KJ Art

"So the Kyorei Clan has backing from the Kajihira Group, some construction company with connections between its president and the Ministry of Health. I need to look into this."

Go to KJ Art. When you're close, follow Kaito to the building's roof to let the drone fly.
Murase is on the desk at the top floor of the building.
Fly to the side of the building where it's windy.

Defeat the Clan members.

8 - Return to Yagami Detective Agency

"So, we have mutual interests, Fumiya Sugiura. He wants Kajihira, I want the Mole. That was enough for today though."

Go back to the office. On the way you get a phone call and go to Tender instead.

Here, you have to guess the woman's occupation.

Look at the colour of her hair...

Then  look at her necklace

Look at her hand

Look at her shirt

You can guess what it is, but I doubt you get it right. Tail her instead.

When you arrive, change into your stakeout clothes and tail her again.

She's going to the casino at the Koi place.

After talking to her, return to your office.

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