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Chapter 2: Beneath the Surface | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)


June 21 2019

The first Chapter starts in an alley.

1 - Head to the Second Crime Scene.

"We need to learn more about the Mole, but he's practically invisible. Maybe I'll find some clues at a previous crime scene..."

Head to the location on the map. Once here, you will enter Active Search Mode.
Investigate where the corpse was found

Have a look at the garbage

There is some "bling" next to the garbage bage. Investigate it.

Stop the investigation

After the cutscene and the masked man chase, you get a chat message from Kaito.

2 - Speak with Genda / Meet Dr. Moroboshi

"What is the deal with those masked robbers? Eh, forget it. I should go check in with Genda-sensei."

Head down the roof. Once out of the alley, again, a cutscene of a man in distress.
Mission changes to "Meet Dr. Moroboshi in the Sewer"

Head to the marked location on the map and examine the man hole to get into the Sewers.

Talk to Dr. Moroboshi and say:
"Kondo is calling for you"

After the cutscene head to Genda Law Office and speak with Genda.

When you do, Saori will give you your first Case: Infidelity Investigation

Then talk to Genda again.

Return to Yagami's office. The client is waiting in front of the office door.

3 - Side Case - The Darkest Place

"I'll stake out Heavy Coffee on Taihei Boulevard until Taguchi-san's husband shows up."

Head to the location on the map. Then a cutscene will run, where you wait for the husband.

Then, you need to tail him to his lover.

They both go to a hotel. Here, you have to make a photo of them entering the hotel.

Go to the spot with the vending machines, raise the camera and zoom all the way in to take this pic:

Now, tail the woman, then go back to the office.

After the cutscene, exit the office. You'll have to fight Kasai.

4 - Head to Millennium Tower / Drone Racing

Head to the location on the map. As soon as you arrive, you will get a cutscene and be introduced to drone racing and upgrades.

Right after, you get a call from Kaito

5 - Meet Kaito at Koi Bride

"Meeting up at a fish pond? What kind of officer is Ayabe, anyway?"

Head to the location on the map. Talk to Kaito.
Defeat the thugs.
Go downstairs and open the casino, play a couple of rounds and meet Ayabe.

Return to Yagami's office and beat the mysterious attackers.
Examine the package from Ayabe.

6 - Gather Intel at Konban Wife

"Kunimura was the Mole's second victim, and he apparently hung out here. But Kaito isn't making this any easier..."

Head to the location on the map.

The time does not matter, but pick Kanae-Chan as the girl.

After the cutscene, go to the Matsugane Family Office, talk to the boss.

7 - Head to Café Alps to talk to Hamura

"Hamura wants to meet up. Matsugane-san can't do anything, so it's time to take the bull by the horns."

Head to the location on the map.

Enter the Café and take a seat.
Then escape the Matsugane Family.

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