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Chapter 12: Behind Closed Doors | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)


June 24 2019

1 - Return to Yagami Detective Agency

Go back to the office. Once there, meet with Kaito.

2 - Head to Kamuro Kikunoya

Take a Taxi to Kamuro Kikunoya then go rest in the office.

3 - Recruit Saori Again

Go to Genda Law Office to recruit Saori

Now tart her up again in the hair salon.

At the Interview answer:
"With pleasure"
"I want to know more about you"
and not the "Leg Crossing"

4 - Meet up with Sugiura

Meet Sugiura at the Battling Center and go to the van.

Enter the Battling Center
Defeat Kido.

5 - Question Kido

Talk to Kido

After the cutscene go back in to Question Kido again.

After the cutscene, you have a conversation.
"Ichinose from the Ministry of Health"

6 - Head to the Millennium Tower

Go to the secret lab location.
Enter the Millennium Tower and go to the flag to enter cutscene.

Find Ishimatsu in Search Mode
Wait for him. At some stage he'll stand opposite of you.
Wait until he's on the phone

Then tail him - it's quite a long tail with him running round the block a couple of times.

7 - Infiltrate Monsieur Lee

Enter the building

Fight the Street Thugs

The back door is locked.
Go into the other room, the one with the bed.
In the bathroom there is a box of coils. Grab them.

You will throw one into the puddle by the door when you get close.
Now you can enter.

Segiura will be taken.
Go upstairs and lockpick the door.

You'll find him again in a bit.
Fight and save him.

There are some coils (Police Baton) in this room too. Take one.

Approach the big guy with it and you can go through the door.

Fight those two big guys.

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