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Chapter 10: Chumming the Water | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)


June 24 2019

1 - Infiltrate the Matsugane Family Office

The Chapter starts with a Drone Search Mode.

Fly the drone forward to the building to the right and look through the window.

2 - Tail Higashi

Follow Higashi and then chase after him.

3 - Lure the Matsugane Family Out

Walk around in the city, do whatever you want.

At some point you get the idea to get drunk at Tender.

At Tender you'll start a "Friend" conversation and enter Active Search Mode.

Observe the man.
Examine the head.

Look at his shoulder

Look at the drink

Stop investigation

Answer: "He'll go after two more drinks."

Leave Tender and go over to the location on the map.
Help the civilian.

After the fight, go to the other locations on the map.
Fight the Matsugane or just let them spread the word.

Walk around again.
Kaito will tell you to go to the Champion District...
Fight the Matsugane.

Chase after the Matsugane Family member

4 - Go to the Soleil Building

Fight the lookout, enter the building by lockpicking.
Defeat the Cane Man.

Pick the lock.

Work your way up the building.

Defeat Hamura

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