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Chapter 1: Three Blind Mice | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)


June 20 2019

The first Chapter starts in Yagami's office.

1 - Buy a Gift for the Office

"If I want Genda-sensai to give me some work, I better appeal to his sweet tooth. There's a convenience store right over on Tenkaichi Street"

Leave the office through the door, go downstairs and go to the marker on the map to buy the Dorayaki  sweets in the food shop.

2 - Defeat the thugs

Some thugs will attack you after you left the shop. Deal with them.

After the fight you will be introduced to Hamura.

3 - Head to Genda Law Office

"Let's hit up the old office."

Go to the office. It's an elevator at street level.

After the dorayaki cut scene, you get straight to the next step.

4 - Inquire About a Job

"I can't believe how fast she... Oh well. I'll ask Genda-sensei if he's got any work."

Walk over to Genda's desk and talk to him.
After the conversation, go to the exit. After another cutscene you...

5 - Head to Tender

"I haven't had to deal with a murder in a while. I'll meet Shintani at Tender."

Exit the office now by elevator and head to Tender.

You'll automatically talk to Shintani when you enter the bar.

The correct conversation choices are:
- Why did the police arrest Hamura?
- What has Hamura said about it?

6 - Head to Kamurocho PD Station

"Captain Hamura got arrested? I better see what's up. I'll take a taxi to the station."

Leave the bar and take a taxi to Kamuro Police Station.

7 - Talk to Hamura

The correct conversation choices are:
- Arguing with Kume
- About the Victim
- About the Alibi

8 - Investigate Sauna Goten

"Hamura says he was at Sauna Goten on the night of the murder. Let's see if his alibi holds water..."

Head to Sauna Goten.

Here, talk to the employee at the front, dressed in orange.
After the chat, talk to the witness:

Then talk to all the other witnesses with a conversation bubble. Two are in the road. Those are enough.

9 - Rest up at Yagami Detective Agency

"Whew, busy day. I should head back to my office."

Here, crash on the sofa.

10 - Head to Café Mijore

"Café Mijore is on the second floor of a building on Nakamichi Street. Shintani can get testy if you keep him waiting..."

Leave the office and head to the Café. It's some stairs up next to a burger shop. As soon as you enter the conversation with Shintani starts.

11 - Head to Club Amour

"This is where Hamura abducted Kume on the night of the murder. It should be on Suppon Street."

Leave the Café and head to the Club Amour as shown on the map.
Here you have to find the camera that recorded the incident with Hamura.

In front of the club you will enter Active Search Mode. Turn around 180 degrees. The camera is on top of the Girl's Bar Sign.

Focus, examine. Then stop the investigation and enter the Club. The conversation will start automatically.

Leave out the Backdoor as indicated.

12 - Head to Mantai Internet Café

"When it comes to finding people, nobody beats this guy. He hangs out at an internet café in Theater Square."

Head to the café as indicated on the map. Enter the building, take the stairs and go to the location on the map. Talk to the person in the cubicle.

He will adapt the chatter app so people can be tracked down.

Leave the building. And go to the big red circle on the map.

Talk to the man with the red hat.

13 - Go to a Sushi Place on Taihei Boulevard

"He really was there... amazing. The owner of Amour is apparently at a sushi restaurant on Taihei Boulevard. I better move it."

Go to the restaurant as indicated on the map. The conversation starts when approaching.

At "What evidence proves this man is involved?", show him the 3rd picture. The one where the guys walk away.

You will have a conversation with him inside the Club.

The correct conversation choices are:
- About the Violence in the Club
- About the Security Camera Out Back

Then Leave the Club and answer the call.

14 - Return to Yagami Detective Agency

Go back to the office.
Here you'll have a conversation with Mafuyu.
Leave the office after the conversation and chase after her.

15 - Buy a Figure for Tsukumo

"I should get something for Tsukumo as thanks. Ebisu would probably have something."

Go to the pawn shop (flag on the map) after the chat with Tsukumo.
Talk to the sales person, choose "buy" and buy a Figure.

Leave the shop and go to Tsukumo in the Internet Café (flag on the map) to deliver the Figure. He's in the same cubicle.

16 - Talk to Shintani

"Hamura's been indicted... I should check with Shintani to see how he's going to proceed."

Meet with Shintani in the Lawyer's Office.

Sit down on the Sofa and go through the Police Documents Shintani has received.

Investigate the eyes on the photo

Investigate the floor in front of the victim.

Investigate the garbage bag to the right.

Last, investigate the victim's pocket.

Stop the investigation and finish the conversation.

17 - Head to the Matsugane Family Office

"Matsugane-san should know where the Kyorei Clan is operating."

Go to the location on the map. The conversation will start automatically.

Afterwards, answer the phone.

18 - Head to KJ Art

"KJ Art is on Senryo Avenue? To think a Kansai operation would set up shop right under the Tojo Clan's nose... Hope it doesn't lead to war."

Go to the location on the map. Answer the call when you arrive.

Look for Kaito at the opposite roof.

Meet him on the roof and talk to him.

Fly the drone to the side of the house where Murase is beating up a guy.

He'll go back to the front of the house, one floor up.

Now you need to go inside the building. It's your choice. I chose the disguise.

Here, I need to pick a lock and destroy the heater first.
Then, I go buy a handyman disguise in the shop (Work Clothes).

Talk to Kaito at the roof of the building and change into a repairman disguise.

Enter the building, talk to the receptionist.

Inside the security room, turn on the lights.

Find the blueprints

Now find the key. Examine the safe.

The password is written on a post-it at the laptop.

Exit the security room and go to the right. Take the exit.
At the broken heater, there is a guy who needs you. Follow him up the fire escape.

"Repair" his heater and get out of there.

Go up one level to the locked door. Unlock it with the key you found in the security office.
Follow the stairs up and pick the lock to get in.

Go through the open window and climb up the ladder. On the roof, follow the arrow signs around the ventilation system and fight.

Now you can go through the gate one floor down.

Here you can Head into Murase's Room and fight him.
Then show him the Kume's Autopsy Report Picture.

Point out the lack of blood.

Finish the conversation and finish the day (Rest in your office)

19 - Report to Shintani

"I need to let Shintani know about Murase's statement. I'll meet him at Genda Law Office."

Head to Genda Law Office and talk to Shintani.
Then, wait for Shintani to Call. After he called, take a Taxi to the Police Station.

You'll have a conversation with Hamura, without interaction.

20 - Head to Tender

"Damn, I've hit a wall here. But apparently a cop named Ayabe has beek leaking intel? Maybe I'll find him at Tender."

Head to the Tender Bar, talk to the Bartender.
He has some additional information and is sending Yagami to Stardust.

Talk to the guy in front of Stardust.

Then answer the phone call. You will get some help to track down Seiya.
When asked for additional tracking info, pick "Date".

Then head to the red search circle to Find the Woman who posted and talk to her. There are 3 search areas so you will have to run around a bit.
After the 3rd one leads to nothing, you will get a phone call again with the real lead.
Head to the restaurant to meet with Seiya.
The conversation starts, when you enter the restaurant.

21 - Find the Kyushu No. 1 Star Security Camera

"When Kume was murdered, Hamura was assaulting Seiya in Pink Alley near Kyushu No. 1 Star. That's the proof I need!"

Head to the red circle on the map.
When you enter the alley, Active Search Mode is activated.
Find this Video Camera

Stop the investigation and defeat Murase.

21 - Head to KJ Art / Rescue Seiyas Sister

"Why would the Kyorei Clan stoop this low?! I've gotta rescue Seiya's younger sister!"

Head to KJ Art, meet with Kaito on the roof again.

While Kaito is distracting the Clan, pick the lock and get inside.
There is another door you can open with a wire. If you don't have one, there is one lying around in the area.
Sneak past the receptionist up the stairs.
Fight one of the clan members and continue your path up.
At the top there is another lock to pick.
As soon as you get in, there is another Clan group to fight.

Pick another lock, fight some more...

Back in the corridor, you can ask the clan member a couple of questions

The correct conversation choices are:
- Where's the girl?
- What's the code for the door?

Now go through the door with the key you got earlier in another mission.
At the top of the stairs, pick the lock.
Type in the code in the reception door.
Defeat the Clan.

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