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All Collectibles at French Ward | Mafia 3

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Playboy (P)

Inside a workshop at the waterfront

Inside a green garage

Next to 2 sunbeds

In the backyard,
on top of a barbecue

Vargas (V)

Plow House (Sex Racket),
Ground level. Behind the bar.

Plow House (Sex Racket),

At big mouths bar (ground level)
its the bar on top of the Cistern (Drug Racket)

At the cistern (Drug Racket),

Album Covers (A)

Inside Shooter's Bar

Under a bench

Inside a house, outside steps up
1st floor

Outside on house's porch,
1st floor

Hot Rod (H)

Inside a green garage

Propaganda (C)

At the entrance to a big building with greek pillars

At the wall of a big yellow building

Repent (R)

Inside the Plow House (Sex Racket)

At the cemetary
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