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Firewatch - Day 77 - Walkthrough

1. Talk to Delilah and look at the Tree chart. Pick the Cottonwood Tree and go down to Cottonwood Creek, Cache 308. Talk to Delilah and open the cache with the code (5678) to get your new radio, update the map.

2. Time to hike back to the fence at Wapiti Station. Go to the gate and open it with the axe. Jump over the gap and get to the first monitoring tower. Talk to Delilah. Go further down to the camp site and report everything that you can find.
In the tent, flip open the hard case. Get the Wave Receiver. Use it and find the black box on the table. Inspect everything that you find.
Then head back to the Lookout.

3. Back at the Lookout, follow the wave receiver. To a backpack. Inspect it and take the key. - Go back to the Lookout and find a taped Walkman at the door.
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