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Firewatch - Day 76 - Walkthrough

1. Go to the lake and look at the clipboard lying on a stone. Report it in and read it.

2. Walk towards the noise in the canyon. Pick up and examine the radio.

3. Go to Wapiti Meadow / Wapiti Station. Check Cache 305 while you're there. Copy the map, take the letter and continue to walk up to Wapiti Station. Use the Rope Hook to climb down.
At arrival, report the fence and shove the gate various times until you tell Delilah that the gate won't open.

4. Go back to the tower and head south, when you're there. There is a fence to follow. At the bottom cross the river, open the supply cache. Copy the map and take the note. Then report the recent burn.

5. Go up through the burned area until you get to Pork Pond. Report what you see. Hike eastward until you see the Camp Arapahoe sign. Since the bridge is collapsed, go up at the sign. There is a Long Drop where you can jump down. Follow the path to the camp with the old shelters. Further down, there is an axe on a tree to take. Also read the Memo.

6. At the end of this axe area, there is a blocked trail. Clear it with the axe. Further on the way, chop down the damaged tree to cross the gap and walk back until the day ends.
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