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Firewatch - Day 2 - Walkthrough

1. Pick up the backpack in the Lookout, go down. Follow the path to the north, and go down to the cave from the previous night. Outside of the cave, head all the way north until you see some cables. Follow the cables to the tip of a "Beartooth Pt." - There are some signs on the way. Pick up the content of Cache 302 on the way up: A letter and update the map. Also report and pick up the beer cans.

2. At the top, report the cut cable, pick up some more cans. Follow the Cans down the other side of the path. Follow the path down, until you cross over a log bridge. There is a backpack hanging there on the other side. Report it in and take the content. Brian Goodwin, one of the lost backpackers...

3. Climb down the first Rope Hook by using a rope. Down there look at the horizon. There should be a "Small Column of Smoke". Report it in and climb down the second Rope Hook. At the base of the climb is Cache 241. Open it and take the note, copy the map and report the fossilized claw.

4. Head south through a once burned down area, now covered with young tree life - Nature fights back! - Go further down until you reach the Thunder Canyon. Follow the stream until you get to the lake.

5. At the sign, pointing to Two Forks at the left, go right and follow the trail through the green forest. You should get to an open area with the campfire. That's the same campfire from Day 1, where you found the girls. Follow the path and head south at the Rope Hook.

6. Climb down and go south until you reach Cache 309 (code 1234). Update the map, take the flier, talk to Delilah. Go through the Lush Woods, talk some more to Delilah.  - Before you go to the camp, make sure to find the turtle and have another great conversation with Delilah. -

7. Now time to look for the girls. The fire you saw is the camp site maked on the map. Follow the stream, turn right and follow the beer cans to find a big mess, Henry's stolen sheets, a letter and a creepy feeling...
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