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Firewatch - Day 0 - Introduction day walkthrough

In this Intro part, there is a lot of dialogue. Parts, where you form Henry's story about what happened with him and Julia. This is the story how YOU as the player want it to be. Only the First-Person gameplay is covered here.

In the elevator, pick up the backpack and go to your car.

-- Dialogue part --

When Henry arrives with the car, follow the hiking path.

-- Dialogue part --

Continue hiking. Still 8 more miles to the "Two Forks Lookout Tower"

-- Dialogue part --

Look at the journal at the camp site.

-- Dialogue part --

More hiking

-- Last Dialogue part --

Arrival at the Two Forks Lookout Tower

Go up the tower, follow the stairs. Inside turn on the light with the blinking red button. Pick up the walkie talkie on the table and talk to supervisor Delilah.

End of day 0

// haha I know, not a big deal but it's part of the game and I like it complete...
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