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What They Carried | Collect the Lighters | Holland Valley

"Wendell wants his buddies' lighters collected before the cult gets them. Those lighters have valuable information etched into them."

Lighters at Holland Valley:

All Lighters Location Holland Valley

1 | Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm:
The bunker entrance is at the south east corner of the house, outside.

2 | Harris Residence

3 | Fillmore Residence:
The bunker entrance is in the shed.

4 | Miller Residence:
The bunker entrance is next to the shed.

Lighters at Whitetail Mountains:

The bunker is right next to the looktout. The lighter is inside.

The bunker is part of a prepper stash mission called The Holdouts. Click to see the guide.

The lighter is not in a bunker. It's inside the main building

The bunker door is right next to the little house and the two dead people. The lighter is inside the bunker.

Lighters at Henbane River:

The Lighters here are all in bunkers.

1 | McCoy Cabin
The bunker is outside, behind the green cloth.

2 | McClean Residence
Follow the blood track to the bunker entrance.

3 | Counselor's Cabin
The bunker is outside, behind the house.

4 | Abercrombie Residence
Where the big American Flag is waving at the house, there is a shed like white structure in front of the house back entrance. That's where the bunker is.

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