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Far Cry 5 > Prepper Stash Locations and Walkthroughs

Stash Mission Start:

There is a note at the Grain Elevator.

Go get to the stash, you need to climb up the little roofs, jump over the next one...

now smash the barricaded window and go inside. You should hear bees...

climb up and crawl under the pipe past the bee's hive...

continue the path past the small loot boxes. You'll break through the floor. Then follow the green rope (do the safe if you need to but you'll have to smash the bee hive)

there is another barricaded window on the other side. Smash it with melee and crouch through. Go up the staircase.

climb and jump all the way up till you get to the shash at the top. With 3 perk magazines. When you're finished, use the zip line, stop at the roof of the opposite building and get inside the locked building - if you like... if you do, to get out, use the garage door opener at the wall.

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