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Turn the Tables | Collect the Vinyl Crates | Whitetail Mountains

"Find milk crates full of wicked tunes to improve the overall music quality on Whitetail Radio"

Vinyl Crates at Whitetail Mountains:

1 | Dansky Cabin
In front of the cabin

2 | South Park Entrance
Inside the building, close to the safe

3 | Osprey Cabin
Inside the house

4 | Hunter's Pass Shelter
Inside the house

5 | Red Tail Cabin
Inside the house

6 | Breakthrough Camp
Inside the Gookooko'oo Lodge

7 | The Grill Streak
Close to a tent

8 | MCA Mobile Lab
Outside the big tent.

9 | Linero Building Supplies
Inside the Office

10 | North Park Entrance
Inside the building at the side

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