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Stash Mission Start:

There is a note et the entrance to the Bright Warden Radon Spa "cave"

Find a way to access the stash:
Time to enter the the underground place. It's full with Angels. The stash door is right when you're coming in.

Follow the corridor to the left and blow up the barricade with dynamite. Then follow the corridor. You'll halucinate a lot about a running shadow. There's another barricade to blow up.

Follow the corridor. There's a lot of green dust. You'll fall down. Climb up at the other side. Some more shadow halucinations. - Continue to follow the path to a barricaded door. Smash it with melee. Then follow the path. Careful. There's a snake around the corner. Then you need to crouch.

You'll get to a cave room. Stay on the platform and climb up on the other side to the door.

The power switch is around the corner. Use it. Now you have power for the stash door at the entrance. The Angles who slept before are now all awake so you'll have to fight your way back. The stash door is now open.

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