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Mint Condition | Collect the Cheeseburger Bobbleheads | Whitetail Mountains

"Help Dave find all of his missing Cheeseburger Bobbleheads."

Bobbleheads at Holland Valley:

1 | St. Isidore School:
It's inside the locked shed. The key is at the chimney on top of the main building. You can climb on top from the back of the school. The blue climbing bar marks the way.

2 | Bradbury Tractor Shed:
It's in the shed. Smash the barricated window with melee to get inside.

Bobbleheads at Whitetail Mountains:

At the South Park Entrance, in the open.

Inside the Whitetail Park Visitor Center

At the Office of Whitetail Park Ranger Station

Inside the house on the island.

At Lansdowne Airstrip inside the hangar. This is a Prepper Stash. See how to get into the hangar here: Hangar Pains

At Baron Lumber Mill, in the staff recreation room.

Bobbleheads at Henbane River:

1 | Feeney Residence
Inside the house in the kitchen.

2 | 8-bit Pizza Bar
Inside the kitchen on the shelf.

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