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Golden Age Nostalgia | Collect the Comic Books | Holland Valley

"Nadine wants to track down her grandfather's collection of comic books."

The Location of all comic books

Comic Books at Holland Valley:

1 | Boyd Residence:
Inside the house. On the bed, next to a bow.

2 | Parker Laboratories:
At the desk of the surveillance room.

3 | Bradbury Farm:
Upstairs of the barn.

4 | O'Hara's Haunted House:
First floor in the blue house. Climb onto the roof from the back of the house. From there you can climb into the window through the platform.

Comic Books at Whitetail Mountains:

1 | Jefferson Lookout Tower
Inside the tower.

2 | At McNeill Residence.
Smash the barricaded window at the back to get inside.

3 | Elliot Residence
First floor in the house. If you don't know how to get in, check out the Prepper Stash guide: The Holdouts

Comic Books at Henbane River:

1 | Vasquez Residence
Inside the house

2 | Peaches Taxidermy
Inside Ms Mables house

3 | Camp Cougars
On the floor, outside of a tent

4 | Chan Residence
Inside the house

5 | Boshaw Manor
Inside the house

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