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All Collectibles at Downtown | Mafia 3

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Playboy (P)

Inside the building at the waterfront

In the grass, next to a palm tree.
Center of roundabout park

Inside the Service Station

Inside a Trailer,
Marlon Boudreaux Construction Yard

Go inside the Sewers,
where Propaganda 4 is hanging

Vargas (V)

Construction Racket,

Bath House,


At the back of the docked boat
This one did not show on the map

Album Covers (A)

Inside a Market Stall

J.C. McCall location, downstairs

Inside a garage

Hot Rod (H)

At the underground parking.
Where you meet Harold Cauley.
Go through the fenced off area,
downstairs to the sewers

Propaganda (C)

South waterfront

Hanging at the entrance,
big building

Hanging at a big building

Entrance to the sewers

Repent (R)

At the bench,
when meeting Donovan
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