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The Hunt - River Ward Side Job Walkthrough

The Hunt - Side Job

After helping River Ward with figuring out who killed the Mayor, he wants to meet up.
Written by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom)
Screenshots provided by CD Project Red

Step 1

- Enter his car
- Watch the video
- Follow him to the lab.
The lab door is closed. So go around and look for other entrances. There is another entrance requires Level 12 Technical Ability.
If you don't have that continue with this guide.
If you have, go to Step 2

Continue your way around the lab and you will find a place where you can climb into the labs courtyard.

Climb over this wall

Step 2

Get inside the lab / Find the right cabinet

On the other side, climb up the ladder above the lab's closed entrance.
Interact with the second window to get inside.

Now you need to find the right cabinet in the lab.
It's in the main lab in the center at the back.
One entrance is closed (River even points it out) but the entrance on the other side is open.
The cabinet is in the room with the game consoles and children's drawings on the whiteboard.
Scan for the cabinet, then open it.

Supervisor Computer

Step 3

Talk to Yawen Packard / Return to River's Car

Dr. Packard appears. After a short conversation, we're leaving and returning to River's car.

Step 4

Look for clues to help find Randy / Search Randy's Computer for his activity on the Net.

There is a computer underneath Randy's bed. Scan it and go through his emails.
The second last email gives you the next clue. "Check out the site "Drugs are bad".
Click on the "Net" Tab and select the "Drugs are Bad" Website.
Click on the red people on the left.

Click on the red people

Step 5

Search for Anthony Harris's hidden page.

You will get to a hidden page called "Tony's Shelter". Look through all the menu options there.
If you click on files, the file is missing.
The file is in Randy's "Files" section.

Click on "Files", then go to the Laptop's Files Tab

Step 6

Watch the cartoon.
When River asks you if you can get more info from it (Get Harris's IP address), you can do that with Level 12 Intelligence.
But you can continue without it.

Next morning, go through Anthony's Braindance.

First Braindance - The School
There are only Visial / Yellow scans
- Scan the teacher (visual / yellow) - Time: 00:02
- Scan the two monitors (visual / yellow) at the cafeteria exit. - Time: 01:19
- Scan the trophy - Time 01:22

Then exit the braindance (circle button on PS)

Trophy Scan

Step 7

Second Braindance - The Barn (past)
There are only Visial / Yellow scans
- Scan the cow (may have to circle around it to trigger the scan) - Time: 00:02
- Scan the console - Time: 00:07
- Scan Dad - Time 00:09
- Scan Cattle Injector (lying on the pens) - Time: 00:55
- Scan the Bags with Supplements - Time: 01:05

Then exit the braindance (circle button on PS)

Scan the Cattle Injector

Step 8

Third Braindance - The Barn (presence)

- Visual | Data (as Tony exits the office) - Time: 00:25
- Visual  | The monitor in the corridor - Time: 00:30
- Visual  | Electrical Parts at the other side of the corridor - Time: 00:30
- Visual | Fuel Barrels - Time: 00:34
- Audio  | Light and sound effects (on the ceiling in the main barn) - Time: 00:36
- Visual  | Victim 1 - Time: 00:38
- Visual | Victim 2 - Time: 00:43
- Visual  | Infustion Pump - Time: 00:43
- Visual | FDNC Certificate - Time: 00:45
- Visual | Victim 3 - Time: 00:45
- Visual | Computer inside the office - Time: 00:49
- Visual | Victim 4 - Time: 00:54
- Visual | Number (Farm Model) - Time: 00:57
- Visual | Outside of the barn (City Skyline) - Time: 01:16

Exit the braindance (circle button on PS)

Barn with Pens

Step 9

Drive to the farm with River

Get out of the car and turn off the turrets.
2 in front of the house, 2 in front of the barn.
Scan for mines so you don't step on one...

Find a way into the barn.

The barn is closed.
There is a ladder on the side of the barn. Go up and let yourself drop into the barn.
Then help River with the victims.

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