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Don't Lose Your Mind - Delamain Side Job Walkthrough

Don't Lose Your Mind - Side Job

Delamain has a virus and needs a reset. But the path to the Control Room is blocked.
This is a step-by-step guide with walkthrough video on how to do it.
Written by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom)
Screenshots provided by CD Project Red

Step 1

Go around the building at the outside. Above the garage entrance is a side entrance. Take it.

Side Entrance - Delamain HQ

Step 2

Search the Office for a Way to open the door

Enter Delamain HQ.
You're in an empty office with desks and computers.
Log into one and read the emails. One of them has the code for the supervisor's office computer.
It's 1234 use it on the supervisor computer and open the double doors to get deeper inside the HQ.

Supervisor Computer

Step 3

Find a way into the workshop

Go through the double door into the workshop where the floor is under electricity.
Take the side door from there.

Workshop door to take

Step 4

Find a way to the stairs

You're now in a hall where a car is moving up and down.
The way to the stairs is in the upper office.
Climb on top of the moving car.
From there jump over towards the Delamain Monitor and from there over to the upper office platform
Enter the office.

Moving Car and Delamain Monitor.

Step 5

Inside the office look for the shaft you can climb in. Go all the way through until you've reached the stairs.

Moving Car and Delamain Monitor.

Step 6

Go Downstairs

Let yourself drop onto the stairs, go up and cross the ramp into the room.
Take the exit hatch down.

Moving Car and Delamain Monitor.

Step 7

Cross the Room

Push the car into the middle of the workshop, climb over it onto the other car.
Cross the car to the other side (the lasers won't harm you).

Cross the room over the two cars

Step 8

Go on the Catwalk / Get to the Hangar

On the other side, take the ladder up.
Walk the catwalk, jump over the gap and get to the Hangar.

Over the catwalk to the Hangar

Step 9

Enter the shaft

Go downstairs and cross the hangar, which is full of mad Delamain Cars. Try to dodge as well as you can.
On the other side, take the stairs up.
Outside the office, at the end of the catwalk, you can climb up the pipes which take you to the shaft you have to enter.

Cross the Hangar
Onto the pipes

Step 10

Enter the control room

Walk the pipes until you are on top of the control room.
You can get inside from the middle of the glass roof.
You have 2 ending possibilities depending on your abilities.

Reward: Delamain No. 21 (Car)

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