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The Information - Braindance - Complete all Job Scans Walkthrough

The Information - Main Job

Kompeki Plaza
Braindance Walkthrough Guide
Written by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom)
Screenshots provided by CD Project Red

Background Info

The Braindance starts at Lizzies Bar. The client is Evelyn Parker. She wants you to retrieve an artifact from Kombeki Plaza.
The goal of this Braindance is to find out the Relic's location and scan the environment for risks and opportunities.

Judy will put you into the Braindance Editor, T-Bug will guide you.

The following step-by-step screenshots provide you with the Braindance time and which of the 3 scan layers - Visual, Audio, Temperature (top bar ingame and on the screenshots). So you can find the scan quickly.


Yellow (Visual) Scan Layer - Time 00:10
At the start of the Braindance, scan the Cyborg coming towards you.

Yellow Scan at 00:10 - The Robot


Yellow (Visual) Scan Layer - Time 00:11 - Security Firmware

There are 2 bars on the other side of the door, where the robot stands. It's enough to scan one of them.

Yellow Scan at 00:11 - Security Firmware


Yellow (Visual) Scan Layer - Time 00:24 - Motion Sensor Camera

Scan the round camera above the table and the tv.

Yellow Scan at 00:24 - Motion Sensor Camera


Green (Audio) Scan Layer - Time 00:29 - Sound Source

Scan the big green bubble on the screen.

Green Scan at 00:29 - Sound Source


Green (Audio) Scan Layer - Time 00:32 -  Phone

Scan Yorinobu's Phone when he talks. It's on the table.

Green Scan at 00:32 - Phone


Yellow (Visual) Scan Layer - Time 02:06 -  Motion Sensor Camera / Automated Turret

Between table and bedroom, on the ceiling, is a Motion Sensor Camera and an Automated Turret to scan.
This covers the optional job goals.

Yellow Scan at 02:06 - Motion Sensor Camera
Yellow Scan at 02:06 - Automated Turret


Yellow (Visual) Scan Layer - Time 02:47 -  Data Pad / Gun

Scan the Data Pad in the drawer in the bedroom.
There is also a gun to scan.
The Thermal Layer (Blue) is unlocked.

Yellow Scan at 02:47 - Data Pad
Yellow Scan at 02:47 - Gun


Blue (Thermal) Scan Layer - Time 00:37 -  Hidden Safe

Go back to the center of the room, left is the bar, right the bedroom.
The hidden safe is in the top left corner, behind the bar.

Yellow Scan at 00:37 - Hidden Safe

Now you can exit the Braindance Editor.

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