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Clearance Level 1

Where is the Clearance Level 1 Card?

August 24 2019

In Control, you will notice some locked doors while you walk around in the mysterious building.
Some doors need a Clearance Level 1 Card.

You can find one close to the Mail Room in the Executive Sector.
There is a checkpoint you can activate nearby. It's the Mail Room Checkpoint.

Here's the Location Map and a Location Screenshot:

Location Screenshot
About Clearance Level 1

Getting the Clearance Level Cards from 1-6 is part of the story and allows to open not only the story related doors in Control, but also doors of side missions, secret areas or just to get collectibles.
Clearance Level 1 and 5 are not given by a story person but have to be picked up.
In the case of Clearance Level 1, from a dead person.

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