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Luck & Probability Puzzle

Luck & Probability Roulette Puzzle

August 24 2019

Go to the Luck & Probability Lab at Research Sector and open up the other room with a Clearance Level 5.

In the not - clearance room:
- Pick up the Clover Leaf and plant it into the cube close to the roulette table
- Grab the golden fish and take it close to the roulette table.
- Activate the cat (paw should be waving)
- Turn the horseshoe up, so the opening is at the top.
- Leave the elefant as is (no noise)

Inside the Clearance Level 5 room:
- Turn on all 4 table lights

Interact with the roulette and stand outside the red square.

About the Luck & Probability Puzzle

Inside the Luck & Probability Clearance Level Lab is a white board that gives you clues how to solve the puzzle.
It shows, that the fish, the lamps and the clover leaf are absolutely necessary to succeed.
Also, whoever activates the roulette has to stand outside the red square on the floor.

The board shows uncertainties with the horseshoe, elephant and the waving cat.
But if you go to the horseshoe, you will see the note on the white board nearby that the horseshoe needs to be filled with luck so the opening has to be at the top.

There is a document you can pick up nearby that explains all 6 lucky items and that it's important that they area close to the experiment for it to succeed. That's why there is a little pot near the roulette table for the clover leaf.
Same reason why I put the gold fish on the roulette table.
The cat, that needs to be activated for the experiment is close enough to the room and can't be moved anyway.

As a reward you get the golden executive suit as clothing.

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