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Mirror Lab Shutters Puzzle

How to solve the Shutters Puzzle in the Mirror Testing Lab
Mission: Self-Reflection

August 24 2019

The Mirror Testing Lab is at the Synchronicity Lab, Research Sector.
It needs a Clearance Level 6.
Standing in front of the closed Mirror access, there's a Right Side (R) and a Left Side (L) with Shutter switches.

On the RIGHT side, set the switches like this:

On the LEFT side, set the switches like this:

Go inside and touch the mirror.
You're now in the Mirror Universe.
Exit Mirror Testing and go up to Synchronicity.
You will see someone in the test dummy room (Room Number 1) and you can interact with the glass.
Now go up to Room Number 3 and touch the glass again.
Go to the other side, upstairs to Room Number 4, touch the Glass.
Defeat the other Jesse.

Grants Trophy:
Altered Manifestations May Occur.

Fun Fact

Pick up the recorded tape collectible in both worlds - the normal world and the mirror world.
Then you have 2 collectibles in one and you can listen to both messages.
(one part is always backwards)

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