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How to do the Punchcard Riddle at the HRA Machine

August 24 2019

At some stage, in the Story of "Control", you will be sent to the Research Sector's HRA Lab to restart the punchcard terminals and activate the HRA machine.

First, collect all 5 punchcards.
There are 4 at ground level and 1 upstairs.

Then, insert the punchcards into the terminals, numbered 1 - 5.

Terminal Locations:

All Punchcard Terminal Locations

Insert Punchcards in following Terminal:

Insert those punchcards in the numbered terminals

Then activate the machine.

About the HRA mission

Within the story, Jesse will encounter people that were not taken over by the Hiss.
These people are all wearing HRA's, a torso belt that acts like a shield towards the Hiss.
Only Jesse and the Janitor don't need HRAs.

In the HRA mission, the machine in the HRA lab has to be configured so more HRAs can be produced so the people still stuck in the shelters could come out and help contain the Hiss.

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