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Typhon Logs and Dead Drop - Meridian Outskirts - Promethea

Meridian Outskirts

September 13 2019

Map - All Typhon Logs location - Meridian Outskirts

1 - Sky-Gazing

Take the elevator up to get on the top of the structure.
Then you have to let yourself drop onto this balcony to get the Typhon Log.

2 - The Big City

Look out for a broken pillar with a burning barrel at the front while driving around.
This log is inside the broken pillar.

3 - Artifact Hunters

This Typon Log is easier to spot.
It's at the entrance to the "Technical NOGout" Side Mission.


The Typhon Dead Drop is in the upper level of the map, close to the Map Transition point.

Map - Typhon Dead Drop location - Meridian Outskirts

You will need the elevator to get to the Dead Drop.
Make sure it is at the bottom level.
Otherwise this won't work:
At the top level of the elevator, call it and jump onto the elevator roof to get to the Typhon Dead Drop.

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