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Typhon Logs and Dead Drop - The Anvil

The Anvil

September 17 2019

Typhon Logs location - Eden-6

1 - Azlan in Chains

Typhon Log: "Azlan in Chains"

The first Typhon Log is at the start of the map on top of a small building.

2 - Azlan's Escape

Typhon Log: "Azlan's Escape"

There are two paths leading to this sewer-like room. One is broken and the other one not...

3 - Azlan's Betrayal

Typhon Log: Azlan's Betrayal

The third is in The Yard. There is an overgrown bridge / walkway on top of a building.
Climb the building to get on the walkway.
Then use the piled boxes to get on top.
You can jump up while looking at the overhanging plants. It will work.


Dead Drop Location - The Anvil
Dead Drop Access Location - The Anvil

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