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Typhon Logs and Dead Drop - Skywell-27


September 17 2019

2 Typhon Logs are on the first level of the map - same level as the Fast Travel Point.
The 3rd one is on the second level, right after the incinerator.

Typhon Logs location - Skywell-27

1 - Broke

Typhon Log: "Broke" - Skywell-27

When coming from the Fast Travel Point, the Typhon Log is behind a closed door in a room.
You can access this room from the next open area.
There is a staircase going up to this room.

2 - Skag CEO

Typhon Log: "Skag CEO" - Skywell-27

Remember the big fiery turbine you need to turn off in the story?
There is a passage right before you jump over to the turbine that leads to this Typhon log.

3 - "Ambush on Skywell-27"

Typhon Log: "Ambush on Skywell-27" - Ladder Location

This Typhon Log is right after the Incinerator on Level 2 of the map.

The map above shows, where you have to take a ladder up to reach the Typhon Log.

Typhon Log: "Ambush on Skywell-27" - How to get there

From up there you just jump over to the Typhon Log.


The Typhon Dead Drop is in the area where you access the Data Center / Server Room.
From here, there is a staircase going directly to the Dead Drop.

Dead Drop Location - Skywell-27
Dead Drop Access Location - Skywell-27

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