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Typhon Logs and Dead Drop - Konrad's Hold - Pandora

Konrad's Hold

September 23 2019

Map - All Typhon Logs - Konrad's Hold

1 - The Rarest Loot

The first Typhon Log is in the area after the Fast Travel point - the Arrogant Approach.

2 - A Dream Shared

The second Log is absolutely frustrating and could take someone to the edge.
It's in the area with the broken elevator that goes down to the Lab Cave in the Story Mission.

Here's the climb point - Use Run-Jump...

Then the Typhon Log is right by the window...

3 - Nekrotafeyo

The last one is in the cave that goes to Tannis's lab.

Dead Drop

Map - Dead Drop location - Konrad's Hold

The Dead Drop is right at the entrance to Tannis's lab in the cave.
It's inside the container. Access from the top.

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