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Typhon Logs and Dead Drop - Lectra City - Promethea

Lectra City

September 13 2019

Map - All Typhon Logs - Lectra City

1 - Paying for the Ratch Bills

This log is at the Dockyards. Get in there!

2 - Legendary Ham

This Typhon Log is near Moxxy's.

3 - Dockside Blues

This one is on top of a building at "The Hills".
To get up there, jump onto the dumpster to get to the first level.
Then - see the door with the glowing frame? - that's where you get to the top!


Map - Typhon Dead Drop location - Lectra City

The Dead Drop is on top of a little roof.
You can access it from one side at ground level.
There is a dumster and a ladder that goes all the way up.
Once you're on the roof, the Dead Drop is in the container.

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