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Wincestre - Where and how to get all Wealth Collectibles

Bishop's Residence
Armor: Thegn's Cloak

The armor piece is inside the Bishop's Residence.
Climb up to the second floor from the inside entrance hall.
Here, you can smash a wooden passage that leads to a room where a Treasure Hoard Map is in.
Move the shelf. Now you can shoot the barricade from the barred door.
Now you can enter the chest's room.

Reward: Thegn's Cloak

Market Warehouse
Tungsten Ingot

The chest is inside the well-guarded Warehouse but it is locked.
The key is in the other building. You can climb inside through the roof.

Shieldmaker's Yard - 1
Tungsten Ingot

You can enter the Shieldmaker's House either by shooting the wood at the window or below the roof.
Then climb in. Inside there is a barred door. Above the door you can shoot the wood below the roof to climb into the chest room.
The chest is locked.
The key is on the Shieldmaker's Yard grounds on a table below a red open sided tent.

Shieldmaker's Yard - 2
Tungsten Ingot

Southwest of the Shieldmaker's Yard is a minting facility (lots of coins lying around).
The chest is in the main, bigger building at ground floor and requires 2 keys.

Key 1 is in the smaller building. It has a weak wooden outside wall that you can smash to get in.
Key 2 is on the second floor (balcony) of the bigger building, where the chest is in.

The Old Minster
Armor: Thegn's Great Helm

The armor piece is inside a side tower of The Old Minster. Shoot the window and climb inside.
The chest requires 3 keys. All keys are on The Old Minster grounds.

First Old Minster Key
The key is at ground floor in the study bit at the back of the Old Minster.

Second Old Minster Key
The key is at the top of the tower. Smash all the boxes around the tower top to find the slide through passage.

Third Old Minster Key
The key is in the main part of the church, high up on a plank. You can climb all up.

Reward: Thegn's Great Helm

Venta Belgarum Bureau

This Gear Chest is in the Hidden Ones' Bureau in Wincestre.
There is a hidden Entrance in the west of Wincestre.
Jump down. There are oil jars, a barred door and a weak stone wall.
Behind the weak stone wall is a treasure chest.
Now dive through and follow the underwater corridor to the other side.
Here you can move a shelf and smash the barred door. We'll need the oil jar in a bit.
There is a blocked slide-through passage that we'll unblock later.
There is a pit with a weak stone wall. Go get an oil jar and destroy it.
Now you're in the Bureau and can open the chest.
Move the shelf to use the slide-through passage.

Reward: Suttungr's Claw - Dagger

Wincestre Garrison - 1
Armor: Mentor's Trousers

In the northern part of the Garrison, is a building you can enter but with a barred door.
You can shoot this barricade from outside through the window.
The chest is locked, but the key is inside on the table.

Reward: Mentor's Trousers

Wincestre Garrison - 2
Book of Knowledge

The Book of Knowledge is in the inner part of the Garrison.
Open it with the key.
The Book of Knowledge is in the room on the second floor - all barred doors.
You can shoot the balcony door through a window outside to get in.

Grants: Axe Blizzard - Ranged Ability

Witan Hall
Tungsten Ingot

Enter Witan Hall through the well guarded entrance.
Inside, right next to the entrance is the key for the locked door.
Unlock the door and enter.
Shoot the ladder, go one level up.
At the second level, look up and shoot the wooden floor.
Now smash everything and move the shelf into the corner.
Climb onto the shelf and up to level 3.
Loot the chest.

Wincestre Seminary
Tungsten Ingot

You can enter the Seminary by shooting a window at the second level and get in through the roof.
At ground level, look up - The Chest with the ingot is up a level.
There is an open hatch with a flap above you but you can't climb it.
Move the shelf underneath the open hatch. Then climb the shelf and use the flap to climb up.

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