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Wincestre - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

All Collectibles in Wincestre

All Mysteries Locations - 4
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The Nun's Minister
Romeo and Aethelflaed - World Event

There are some kids cheering at the base of the church under a tree.
Climb up the scaffolding and talk to the boy at the top.
Now use the zipline, let go at the right time so you land on the tree branch to pick one of the red flowers.
Talk to the boy again.

The Old Minster
Asser - World Event

Southwest of The Old Minster is a small church where a priest is following god's teachings by following sun beams.
Manipulate the beams.
Go outside, climb the scaffolding and move the shelves.
First, block all the windows. Then, only move the last shelf so the light shines on the last writing.

Wincestre - Northeastern Gates
Mildberg the Miracle Legs - World Event

Talk to the girl near the northeastern Stable.
Run after her.

Witan Hall
Aelfred's Jewel - World Event

Northwest of the Witan Hall pointer on the map is a man yelling in front of a house.
Talk to him, then go to the back of the house where you can shoot the wood off the window to get in.
Inside, talk to the Jeweller and get the jewel.
Talk to the man in front of the house again.

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