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Where is The Wren of the Children of Danu?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Children of Danu

Where is The Wren?
Children of Danu

Clue 1

- From a conversation with Ciara. Story related.

"Investigate the abandoned cottage on the shore outside Port Auley at the mouth of the Ballysadare River in northern Connacht."

North of Port Auley, at the beach, is a red house. Inside is the next clue.

Clue 2

"Investigate the ritual stone located on a small island in Lough Gara found near Rathcroghan."

Go to Lough Gara, south of Port Auley.
The clue is on a box, next to a big ornated stone and a small chest.


You can now find her at the Festival in Rathcroghan, Connacht.
When you have all the Clues, you can mark her as target in the Order menu.

Drops: A Clue for "The Cursed"

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