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Where is The Mist of the Children of Danu?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Children of Danu

Where is The Mist?
Children of Danu

Clue 1
Is dropped by The Blaze

"Investigate Doon Daven stone circle in northern Ulster west of the Slaney River."

Doon Daven is west of Ardmel Trade Post in the north. Clue 2 is next to the statue in the center.

In the Center of Doon Daven - Game Map
Right at the statue

Clue 2

"Search for a decaying boat run aground in the Ulster's peninsula near the Foyne Reservoir."

You'll find the decaying boat northwest of the Foyne Reservoir on the big beach.

Northwest of the Reservoir - Game Map
At the Beached Boat

The Mist Location

He's performing a ritual on the rocky shore in Ulster's western bay northwest of Foyne Reservoir.
Now you can mark the target to defeat him.

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