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Where is The Cursed of the Children of Danu?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Children of Danu

Where is The Cursed?
Children of Danu

Clue 1
Is dropped by The Wren

"Return to Ciara to deliver the amber shard and to discuss the discovered note."

Return to Ciara. There should be a quest marker.

Clue 2

"Investigate Tuam, a village in western Connacht."

Go to the southwest of Connacht to Tuam.
There is a note with a hint in the locked Cottage in the center.
The key is above ground, at a house nearby. Use your flying helper to get it.

Inside, after reading the note, you have the info to go under the village.
There is a big hole in the ground you can jump into, since the only obvious door nearby is locked.

Get out of the Pool and follow the path.
First there is a small room with a floortrap. You can jump onto the stone in the center to be safe.
From there to a corridor with another floor trap at the end.

You're now in a bear cave. Upstairs is the area you need to be - a prison cell with barred door.
You can climb up to get outside.

One of them has the key (screenshot) - use it to free the prisoners for 1 of 3 Clues.

1 of 3 Clues is on the table right after the prison (screenshot).

1 of 3 Clues is also on another table in this area.

Now you have everything for Clue 3

On top of the Destructalbe Wall - Map
On top of the Destructalbe Wall - Map
Underground entrances on the map
Big hole Underground Entrance
Underground Key - View from Prison Cell
1 of 3 Clues on the table

Clue 3

"Report back to Ciara at Tuam's southern entrance"

Meet Ciara and go with her to confront The Cursed.


You can now find her at the Festival in Rathcroghan, Connacht.
When you have all the Clues, you can mark her as target in the Order menu.

Drops: A Clue for "The Cursed"

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