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Where is The Blaze of the Children of Danu?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Children of Danu

Where is The Blazed?
Children of Danu

Clue 1
Is dropped by Cummascach

"Investigate the gravesite near the waterfall in Bally na Gall, a burned village along the Bann River in southeast Ulster."

There is a grave above Bally na Gall at the waterfall where you find Clue 2

Grave location on Game Map
Grave Screenshot

Clue 2

"Investigate the burned houses between Black Pig's Dyke and Clogher in southern Ulster."

Between Clogher and the Legendary Animal Location is a settlement with burned houses.

That's where I found and defeated The Blaze. He did his rounds with his hound.

On top of the Destructalbe Wall - Map
On top of the Destructalbe Wall - Map


You can now find her at the Festival in Rathcroghan, Connacht.
When you have all the Clues, you can mark her as target in the Order menu.

Drops: A Clue for "The Cursed"

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