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Where is Cummascach of the Children of Danu?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Children of Danu

Where is Cummascach?
Children of Danu

Cummascach can be found at Kesh Gorann, in the northwest of Connacht. South of Port Auley.

He is inside the Druid hideout to guard the Treasure (Wealth Collectible).

How to get inside:

Climb on top of the destructible wall at the entrance and shoot the Oil Flask.
It is barely visible.

In the room with the barred door, smash a box that reveils another passage. The one to the Treasure and to Cummascach.
On him, is a Clue that leads to The Blaze

On top of the Destructalbe Wall - Map
Before shooting - Oil Flask barely visible.
Confirming Cummascach
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