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Vinland - All 4 Wealth and 7 Mysteries Collectibles with Detailed Screenshots

All Collectibles in Vinland

All Wealth Locations - 8
All Mystery Locations - 7


Bruhamarr Outpost
Carbon Ingot

The Carbon Ingot Chest is on the northeastern part of the camp. It requires 2 keys.
Key 1 is over the first bridge right in the red tent.
Key 2 is over the second bridge below the red tent, in a small camp with a dark brownish tent.

Hvallgrof Outpost
Carbon Ingot

The chest is inside the top tent. It is locked and requires a key that is carried by one of the Elite Soldiers.

Narfljot Camp
Carbon Ingot

The chest is on top of the center area in the camp. Inside the big red tent.
It requires 2 keys to open. Each carried by a soldier.

Steinnhus Camp
Carbon Ingot

When you climb down from above the Treasure location, you can easily just assassin one guard and get to the chest without raising any alarms. There is also a quest hin on the table.


Cairs / Build Stone Tower

The location is west of the Tsokawekowahne Fast Travel Point.

Kahrhakenrat - 1
O Yan Do Ne - Legendary Animal

The Legendary Elk is east of the Kahrhakenrat settlement.

Kahrhakenrat - 2
Flight of Fancy - World Event

Arne, the turkey, fell down the hill and can't fly up.
Talk to its owner, then go down and lead it back up.
Let it attack you and run away a bit. Do that all up the hill until Arne is back.

Breaking Teeth, Not Hears - World Event

In Nyhofn, there is a hunter sitting by a camp fire waiting for his friends.
Find all other hunters, before you can continue with this one.
I would suggest to do this one as last quest you do in Vinland. So everything is done and dusted.
After you found all hunters, go on a hunt with them.

Standing Stones

Northwest of the Teiotenontataseke Fast Travel Point are the Tionontateken Standing Stones.
Check out the symbol first before you start aligning.
Then, move away the stone shelves so it's not blocking the view from the center stone.

Unnamed Location
A Dead Man's Tale - World Event

West of Nyhofn is a dead body lying in a pit.
Next to him, a letter, asked to be taken back to Nyhofn.
So, carry the body back to Nyhofn.
The crying woman at the town entrance will wait for you.

Ursine Takeover - World Event
The camp has been overrun by bears. All dead, except for one. Help the Norse Man to clear the camp from bears.
Then return to him.

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