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Ulster, Ireland - All 8 Artifacts Collectibles with Detailed Screenshots

Ulster, Ireland
All Artifacts Locations and how to get them - 8
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Overview Map
1 - South of Benn Uava
2 - South of Movilla Abbey
3 - West of Clogher
4 -East of Donegal
5 - West of Donegal
6 - Northwest of Donegal
7 - West of Lismore Abbey
8 - Malin Head

South of Benn Uava
Ui Neill Artifact

South of Benn Uava Waypoint is a cave with a destructable wall.
You can get an oil flask down at the camp by the water to the south.

South of Movilla Abbey
Irish Cycle Page

South of Movilla Abbey, at the top of a ruined tower.

West of Clogher
Ulster Hoard Map

West of Clogher by the Erne River, is a barred fishing hut.
Go to the other side to shoot the barricade and get inside.

The Hoard Map shows a drawing of a waterside with a fishing hut.
X marks the spot on the fishing hut.

Hoard Map Location on Map
Opening the Hoard Map House
Hoard Map Treasure location on the map
Treasure pickup location screenshot

East of Donegal
Ui Neill Artifact

East of Donegal is a cave closed with a wooden door.
You can destroy the door to get in but the inside is filled with poison.
Throw a torch, smash the pottery in the way to get the Artifact.

West of Donegal
Last Days of the Village Hoard Map

West of Donegal is a house with 2 barred doors. Go in through the window.
The Hoard Map is on the 2nd floor.

It says:
"Last Days of the Village
The plague-stricken village turned to me, a druid, after a bishop had tried to chase away "evil spirits."
Gathered beneath the moon, we prayed to the goddess, not for survival, but for a joyful journey to the place of the dead.
Each villager thanked me in their final moments. My last duty was to collect their treasures and offer them to the sun spirit.
They are hidden on the coast, out of view of the setting sun."

Treasure Location:

Open the map. West of the village, at the tip of the cliff, is a cave down at the water.
That's where the loot is.
Reward: Norse-Gael Scheme (back)

Hoard Map Location on Map
Hoard Map on 2nd floor
Cave location on game map
Cave with treasure shimmering in the back

Northwest of Donegal
Cursed Object

Northwest of Donegal, off the coast is an Island with a Cursed Object in it.
The island is an arch and the Cursed Object is inside the arch.
High up is also a wrecked boat. Climb up there to the boat to shoot the Object.

West of Lismore Abbey
Cursed Object

This Cursed Object is insided a highly protected camp.
Take the main entrance and find your way in this labyrinth until you reach a platform in the path.
You can climb up here and walk to the center camp, using the rope.
From here, there is another wooden platform with a rope that leads to a high stake.
From here you can shoot the Cursed Object.

Cursed Object Location on Map
Camp entrance
Climb up here
Cursed Object

Malin Head
Flying Paper

In the north of Ulster is th Island Malin Head.
In the north of this island, catch the flying paper!

Reward: Pict Scheme (Arms)

See the guaranteed way in the video below.

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