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Thegn Set (Bear) - Where to find the Armor Pieces

Thegn Set Set

- Increase Critical Chance when parrying
- Additional increase to Critical Damage

The Location of all 5 Armor Pieces

Thegn's Bracers

Stenwege Camp - Eurvicscire

Stenwege Camp is northwest of Jorvik.
The chest is inside a house in the inner circle of the camp.

Thegn's Breeches

Aelfwood - Glowecestrescire

Aelfwood is in the west of Glowecestrescire.
The Thegn's Breeches are behind a locked secret entrance in the western part of the camp.
One of the Elite Soldiers above the cave has the key.

Thegn's Cloak

Bishop's Residence - Wincestre

The armor piece is inside the Bishop's Residence.
Climb up to the second floor from the inside entrance hall.
Here, you can smash a wooden passage that leads to a room where a Treasure Hoard Map is in.
Move the shelf. Now you can shoot the barricade from the barred door.
Now you can enter the chest's room.

Thegn's Great Helm

The Old Minster - Wincestre

The armor piece is inside a side tower of The Old Minster. Shoot the window and climb inside.
The chest requires 3 keys. All keys are on The Old Minster grounds.

First Old Minster Key
The key is at ground floor in the study bit at the back of the Old Minster.

Second Old Minster Key
The key is at the top of the tower. Smash all the boxes around the tower top to find the slide through passage.

Third Old Minster Key
The key is in the main part of the church, high up on a plank. You can climb all up.

Thegn's Heavy Tunic

Temple of Brigantia - Eurvicscire

Temple of Brigantia is west of Wyke.
The chest is deep down in the water. Dive down in the southeastern corner of the Temple ruins to get to the chest.

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