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Suthsexe - Where and how to get all Wealth Collectibles

Anderitum Hideout
Nickel Ingot

Southeast of Crawleah is Anderitum Hideout.
The key for the Hideout entrance is carried by the Elite Bandit by the oil jars.
The Nickel Ingot is carried by the Goliath Bandit fighting in the arena when you go down to the hideout.

Anderitum Hideout - 2
Armor: Mentor's Vambrace

When you've gone down the Secret Entrance, follow the corridor with the secret entrance in your back.
At the end, you see a blocked passage, where you can shoot off the wood from the slide through passage.
Now go back, grab the oil jar from where the secret entrance is, near the food pot, slide through that passage with the oil jar and use it on the weak wall to the left.
Now follow the corridor all the way to the wealth chest. You will have to destroy a wooden wall on the way.

Reward: Mentor's Vambrace

Briggworth - 1
Nickel Ingot

Briggworth is in the north of Suthsexe.
The chest is in the tower at the waterside, where the blockade chain is.
Climb to the top, where you can destroy a wooden barricade. Now you can climb to the bottom.
Use the shelf to climb up again.

Briggworth - 2
Book of Knowledge

The Book of Knowledge is at the top of Briggworth's main building - in the tower.
The entrance is barred. Climb onto the tower roof.
Here, you can move a stone shelf to the right to get inside.

Grants: Incendiary Powder Trap - Ranged Ability

Brimclif Monastery - 1
Raw Materials

The chest is behind a door that needs to be forced open. It's a storage area near the waterside.

Brimclif Monastery - 2
Raw Materials

The chest is all the way up inside the main monastery building. It's a door that needs to be forced open.

Brimclif Monastery - 3
Raw Materials

The chest is inside the same monestary building but on the other side. Behind a barred door.
There is a hole you can climb through above the door.
Open the door for your mates so they can help you with the box.

Brimclif Monastery - 4
Raw Materials

The chest is at the height of the monestary building but inside the cave part.
There is a stone barricade / weak wall you have to destroy to get to the chest.
Luckily, the oil jars are right in front...

Chertsey Abbey Ruins
Book of Knowledge

The Chertsey Abbey Ruins are west of Lunden at Suthsexe's north tip.

The Book of Knowledge is inside the tower. But there is a big cargo bag blocking the way up.
Shoot the ladder down from ground floor and then climb up to the first platform.
From here, you can shoot down the cargo bag (screenshot).
Then, use the beam to get to the ladder and climb up to the Book of Knowledge.

Grants: Blinding Rush - Melee Ability

Cicestre Abbey - 1
Raw Materials

The chest is inside a house. The door needs to be forced open.

Cicestre Abbey - 2
Raw Materials

The chest is inside a church. The door needs to be forced open.

Cicestre Abbey - 3
Raw Materials

The chest is inside the big building at the top. The door needs to be forced open.

Cicestre Abbey - 4
Raw Materials

The chest is in the same building as Wealth 3 (the previous chest).
Stay inside the building and walk all around to the other side to get to it.
Free access.

Nickel Ingot

Inside Crawleah Warehouse is a weak wooden wall on the floor.
Smash it and you can get into a small room with the Nickel Ingot Chest in it.
It requires a key that you can find in front of the warehouse.
There's a hanging man on the tree. Climb the tree and let yourself drop right above the hanging man so you can collect the key.

Crawleah Dock
Nickel Ingot

The Nickel Ingot is carried by a Goliath Elite Soldier.

Embert Blockade
Nickel Ingot

Embert Blockade is southwest of Cicestre Abbey.
One of the Elite Soldiers is carrying the Nickel Ingot.

Forward Camp
Nickel Ingot

Forward Camp is southeast of Guildford and part of the story quest.

To get up on the platform, where the chest is, shoot down the big cargo bag first.
Then, smash the pottery in front of the stone shelf so you can move it underneath the ladder to climb up.

Guildford - Saint Lewinna's Church
Gear: Mentor's Robes

The Gear Wealth Chest is at Saint Lewinna's Church, Guildford.

Climb up to the tower, where you can shoot down a big cargo bag that is covering the entrance. (screenshot)
Then, work your way down. First destroy the wooden barricade in the floor that keeps you from getting to the ground level.
At ground level, destroy the barricade at the door so you can get into the church.
Here, you must move away a stone shelf that reveals another door - which leads you to the chest.

Reward: Mentor's Robes

Kingley Hideout
Nickel Ingot

The Nickel Ingot is carried by a Goliath Elite.

Monk's Lair
Nickel Ingot

The chest is inside the house at Monk's Lair but it is locked.
Get the key by completing the nearby Mystery Event "A Prayer for Vengeance".

The Cistern Tower
Nickel Ingot

The chest under the tower.
Access point is a cave entrance to the south, where the viaduct starts.
You'll need to take an oil jar from the entrance and parcour it in a long dark stretch over the water to a weak wall at the end of the cave.
If you don't know where you're going, try to dry run the parcour with a torch.

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