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Suthsexe - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

All Collectibles in Suthsexe

All Mysteries Locations - 14
Also available:

Aflanc the Terrible - World Event

South of Briggwood, a Bad Father has tied up his daughter by the riverside.
Free the woman and talk to her.
Now look towards the river and you will see some floating wood and pottery.
Dive down there to discover a sunken ship. Loot everything you can find.
Return and talk to the woman.

Foris Turre
Alisa in Wunderlandscire - World Event

South of Foris Turre Fast Travel point is a cave.
There is an injured girl inside.
Carry her out, using the ramp up, jump over the broken bridge.
As soon as you're out you'll put her down automatically.

High Rocks

Stack the rocks.

Monk's Lair
A Prayer for Vengeance - World Event

The event is east of Monk's Lair / Calleva Outpost in the north of Suthsexe.

The event is happening around a burrial mound.
First, you need to get in but the entrance is blocked by a stone shelf you can't move.
Go to the other side of the mound and you can shoot the box that blocks the stone shelf from there.
Now you can get inside the mound and loot whatever you can. There is also the chest key for the nearby Monk's Lair.

The Mad Monk will keep talking to go. When you go outside, Eivor will answer him and the Mad Monk attacks.
Defeat him to finish the event.

Saint Leonard's Altar
Offering Altar

South of Crawleah.
Offer 50 leather.

Santlache Mine
Treasure of Britain

East of Crealeah and the Fast Travel Point.
Work your way through the Mine to get the treasure.

Seven Sisters
Animus Anomalies

Southwest of Crawleah by the coast.
Solve the beam puzzle.

Treehouse Shop
Tiny Black Market - World Event

Climb up the tree house and the boy will ask you for the password.
You'll be safe when answering "Raven".
Around the corner is a girl that sells 3 things.
Be nice, buy everything. Finish the World Event and get:

Tuicca's Farm / Bonnacon
Aelfred's Battle Sow - Legendary Animal

Fight this Legendary Animal.

Unnamed Location
Rock of Fertility - World Event

West of Lunden - Lundenwick Abbey.
Two people quarrel under the tree.
Follow and protect the woman until you arrive at the rock.

Unnamed Location
Eivor the Sheepdog - World Event

West of Briggworth is a man calling out for "Fenton".
He says that Fenton probably went to the north.
Follow the footpath to the north until you see some wolves attacking a sheep.
(see second screenshot set for location).
Defeat the wolves, then whisle so the sheep follows you.
Return to the man.

Unnamed Location
King of the Hay People - World Event

In the west of Suthsexe, southeast of Fearnhamme is a Goliath Soldier sitting on a hay throne.
Kill him and loot his chest next to him.

Unnamed Location
Will o' the Whisp - World Event

In the west of Suthsexe, west of Guildford is a thick fog.
A bandit tells you he'll free you from the fog when you give him your money.
Find the bandit.
Use your Raven. You will see the bandit's shadow by a fire. (second set of screenshots with location on the map).
Talk to him.

Unnamed Location
Fly Agaric

East of Cicestre Abbey, North of Crawleah Dock.

Defeat the enemies.

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