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Suthsexe - Where and how to get all Artifact Collectibles

All Collectibles in Suthsexe

All Artifacts Locations - 13
Also available:

Cicestre Abbey - 1
Roman Artifact

The Roman Artifact is on top of the abbey ruins.

Cicestre Abbey - 2
Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper!
First set of screenshots show start point.
Second set of screenshots show end point.

Treasure Hoard Map

The Treasure Hoard Map is freely accessible in the Crawleah Warehouse.

Reward: Suthsexe Crawelie Hoard Map

Second set of screenshots show the loot treasure pickup location

Croindene - 1
The Rigsogur, Page 10

The Rigsogur, Page 10 is inside Croindene's Longhouse in the gallery up above.

Croindene - 2
Flying Paper

Catch the flying paper!

See an alternative version below.
You can either run or ride. The important bit is that you constantly hit the pickup / interact button when you jump down to get the paper.

Reward: Hulder's Mark Scheme (Head)

Suthsexe Witch's House Hoard Map

At the back of the Witch's House in the west of Guildford, you can shoot a wooden barricaded slide-through passage (see screenshot aim).
The inside is dark and filled with poisonous gas. So you will catch fire, when you pull out the torch.
The Treasure Hoard Map is on a shelf.

The second set of screenshots shows the Treasure loot location.

Monk's Lair - 1
Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol is northeast of Monk's Lair.
It's a pit full of poison gas.
Throw in a torch to dissolve the gas, then climb down to move the big stone.
Now you can destroy the Cursed Symbol.

Monk's Lair - 2
Treasure Hoard Map

The Suthsexe Hoard Map is inside the house at Monk's Lair - a location in the north of Suthsexe.

The Weald
Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol is at The Weald on the eastern border of Suthsexe.
There is a well with a wooden board on top.
Smash the wood and take out your torch. Hit the well a couple of times until you see the poison disappear due to the fire.
Then you can climb down, shoot the Cursed Symbol and quickly go up again.
There are plenty of mushrooms around the well if you hurt yourself in the process.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

Northeast of Guildford are some ruins.
There are to entrance points on the floor.
The northern one leads to an underground house with two shelves to move.
Move the shelves aside to destroy the Cursed Symbol.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

West of Brimclif Monastery is a Roman Artifact.
Looks like it's in Hamtunscire but it's not.
Look up and notice the zipline.
Climb the tower to use the zipline. Jump off when you're on top of the Roman Artifact to get it.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

Northwest of Kingley Hideout, southwest of Forward Camp.
The Cursed Symbol is high up on the tree.
Use the trees to parcour and get higher up to shoot the Cursed Symbol.
Starting point is the fallen tree.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

South of Crawleah, west of Anderitum Hideout.

There is a weak wall in the floor of the temple ruins.
You can get the oil jar at a nearby camp.
Once open, dive down to the floor to get the Roman Artifact.

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