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To my Friend, the Priest Hoard Map Solved

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To my Friend, the Priest Hoard Map


Map pickup location:
Lough Rea Lake, South of Kiltober - Connacht - Ireland

The Hoard Map is near the lake, next to a broken cart and a body.

It says:
" Though you do not believe in the earth spirits, the wind spirits tell me the signs are clear. Do not journey to your wife's crypt.
Unlike me and the other peaceful druids, the druids of Kiltober have turned to darkness. They are determided to destroy your kind.
Your wife now exists wherever you find yourself, no need to make dangerous pilgrimages!
- Your pagan friend, Mara"

Treasure Location:

Kiltober, Connacht - Ireland

The Treasure is in the north at Kiltober.
The building in the camp is a chapel, crypts are usually under the chapel.
There are some stairs leading down at the back of it.
That's where the Treasure is.

Reward: Norse-Gael Scheme (Head)

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