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Suthsexe Witch's House Hoard Map Solved

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Suthsexe Witch's House Hoard Map


Treasure Hoard Map Content:
The Treasure Hoard map is a hand drawn picture of a man with a stick in each hand with an "X" where the heart would be.

Map pickup location:
Guildford - Witch's House - Suthsexe

The Treasure Hoard Map is inside the house.
At the back of the Witch's House in the west of Guildford, you can shoot a wooden barricaded slide-through passage (see screenshot aim).
The inside is dark and filled with poisonous gas. So you will catch fire, when you pull out the torch.
The Hoard Map is on a shelf.

Treasure Location:

East of Cicestre Abbey - Suthsexe

Open your map. You will see a man on the hill east of Cicestre Abbey.
Go to the place where the heart would be and get the treasure loot.

Reward: Huginn Call Scheme (Front)

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