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Suthsexe Hoard Map Solved

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Suthsexe Hoard Map


Treasure Hoard Map Text:
"In the northern and western corner of Suthsexe, under the oldest tree in Chertsey Abbey lies my glory wealth.
A memorial stone is split, as lightning struck this hoard once it was buried there to illuminate it with God's light."

Map pickup location:
Monk's Lair - Suthsexe

The map is inside the house at Monk's Lair - a location in the north of Suthsexe.

Treasure Location:

Chertsey Abbey Ruins - Suthsexe

The treasure loot is in the northeast of Monk's Lair, where you picked up the Treasure Hoard Map.
Look out for the massive tree in the cemetery of Chersey Abbey Ruins. That's where the treasure loot is buried.

Reward: Cross Face Scheme (Head)

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