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Suthsexe Crawelie Hoard Map - Pickup in Crawleah - Solved

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Suthsexe Crawelie Hoard Map


Treasure Hoard Map Content:
The Treasure map shows a hand drawn picture of an island with waterfalls - inland - an "X" marks the spot.

Map pickup location:
Crawleah - Suthsexe

The Treasure Hoard Map is freely accessible in the Crawleah Warehouse.

Treasure Location:

South of Crawleah, west of Anderitum Hideout - Suthsexe

There are two ponds in the south of Crawleah. A round one and a weardly bent one.
Go to the weardly bent one and you will notice the waterfall.
The loot treasure is on one of the islands.

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