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Snotinghamscire Hoard Map - Where's the treasure?

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Snotinghamscire Hoard Map


Treasure Hoard Map Text:
"My iridescence has moved from the diocese. To the south of Snotinghamscire you can find me. Simply venture into the eye of the forest, Minninglow. Look past the forgotten stone portals and past the top of the hill. You will find me ambushed by a family of trees. There my luster lingers.
The Voice of Saint Eanfleda"

Map pickup location:
Abandoned Library - Snotinghamscire

The Abandoned Library is  in the east of Hemthorpe.
In the ruins, there is a wooden weak wall you can destroy on the floor to reveal a staircase down.
Go down, smash everything and slide through the passage.

Treasure Location:

Minninglow - Snotinghamscire

Minninglow is in the south of Snotinghamscire. Northwest of Repton.

Just west of the Minninglow marker on the map, when you zoom all in, is a well with dead bodies lying on top.
The loot treasure is there.

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